Letter of the Unchecked Emotions

Hello again to you all, my dear readers. Let’s skip the introductions this time.

The write-up that you are about to read is about what I am currently feeling in my present living right now. I mentioned in my previous blog about a person (you would know, provided that you have read my previous blog), who cares for and understands me.

I did meet and find her. I believe that she is the one who will be with me till the time my hair turn white. Yes, I trust her, with her promise. But I would like to ask some questions, to you all.

Have you ever had doubts in your life at anything? Do you ever trust anyone you meet? Do you trust a stranger?

I don’t think that you will ever trust a stranger. And sometimes, you should not trust even your loved ones, because we never know what is in their heart, their mind and the soul; whatever they are, we don’t know them completely.

I lost my father at the time when I was in class 3. Don’t worry, he is alive; he left me alive. I love him a lot though. After all, who won’t love fathers? But now, he is not with me anymore. He’s someone else’s father now.

My physical body didn’t feel upset about this till now, for what I asked him for myself, he gave if he got it. I don’t blame him for that, for he’s a good man. I do know that he loves me as a son of his. He brought me to this world. He loves me because it is his responsibility to love me.

I have never experienced his pure and true love.

That’s it – I won’t say much about my father because you know…ah, never mind. Anyway, when I mention him here, it doesn’t mean that I judge him but I share this with you, my dear reader, to get a hold of what I am trying to express.

Yes, so, I lost my father and I know that I will never get him back as my one and only dad. But as I mentioned some paragraphs ago, there’s this person whom I met, and I really don’t want to lose her. It shouldn’t be much hard for you to wonder why I am saying so.

If you have been through such a pain, you know that the experience of losing someone is terrible. I still love my dad; you know how complex a parent-child relation can get. It can’t be explained by words. I lost my father, but I still have my mother (and she’s a great woman). I need not mention much about her, because it will take a lot of time to describe how mothers are, a lot of time.

To all the people who are reading this very write-up right now, whether you are a teenager, young man, young woman, or even above 40, I request you all not to leave the people who love you, who are ready to give their everything to you, and who would do everything for you. Never, ever leave them, for you don’t know who they really are and what will you and them lose if you leave them.

I am now shifting my concern to the more younger couples.

When you have a family, don’t take it as a joke. For the men here, I am sternly requesting you to not leave your young families (like what my father did) because you may not realise yet that how important you are to your loved ones. I can’t express all of my feelings much; I know I try my best – but I am still young to express all of my unchecked emotions. So, I am my putting my hope on all of you that, your conscience would speak and might tell you what I am trying to say.

Remember this – Being important to someone is equal to being everything to someone. Leave them, and they will definitely experience the worst and stupid feelings in the world, like I did.

The main wish though, that I am making through this write-up, is that I don’t want to miss that person. I don’t want to have the same feelings again, same as those because of my ‘good’ father.

Thank you for having patience with my writing till now. I know that there is still a lot to improve in my writing. But, I am always striving forward. May you also do that.

With regards,

Damiki Tre Heribert Lamare.

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