Chapter 6 : Preparation on two Fronts

Professor Saraswat was sitting in a dark room of the MAYA hideout, rotating a paper weight on his table. He was concerned about something. Just then, there was a phone call.

He picked up. It was the same chilling voice.

Saraswat asked, “What are the odds?”

“50 – 50”, the voice replied. “It’s about time for my field commander to get down in the war!”

“Understood. I should get my people ready then, shouldn’t I?”, Saraswat said, stopping the paper weight.

“You did that before you even thought of asking this, didn’t you?”, was the last reply before the voice hung up.

Saraswat went into the room where Sam was blindfolded and tied up. Sam had bruised himself at various points of his body, trying to get free.

“How are you doing, Sam? I am hoping that have learnt your mistake.”

“Mistake? My mistake? You and Maya are the one making a grave mistake. You don’t realise what you are about to do”, were the bare words Sam could throw out.

“Life wouldn’t be such a beauty if we always know what we are dealing with. That suspense is what drives us forward.”

“Then you are a fool to go forward even after realizing this.”

“No, I am not. Neither isn’t MAYA. We both still have something that you no longer have.”

“I haven’t lost anything, you bastard.”

“No boy, you did. You lost your dream; you lost your ambitions.”

Sam couldn’t say anything more. That was the truth.

At a new office of DARWIN…

“Is this where I would work now? It’s so awesome!”

Yash was standing at the entrance of the DARWIN office, staring at the company’s logo. He never had thought that he was getting into such a big deal.

“Yes Yash. After all, I am the boss. This will be a normal thing here soon. Coffee?”

“Uh, well sir, I am not accustomed to drink coffee, so, uh…”, Yash was blushing on being asked for coffee by this boss.

“I said, you need coffee, don’t you?”, Sid was back with his trademark glare. Yash could only say ‘yes’ to that. It was only a while after that a familiar figure appeared at the office. Clad in civilian clothes, it was ACP Shiekh.

“Ah, Mr Adil, I was hoping to see you here. I hope that you are doing preparations on your side. We need to make our move soon.”

“There are currently several problems on my side. My superiors don’t believe that an organisation called MAYA even exists, let alone believe that they are going to strike us anytime. I don’t have enough proof. Things are going to get tougher from here. So, what’s this lad doing here?”

“That’s my personal recruit, for the upcoming battle. That kid’s got some special skills.”

“What about Sam? You don’t need him anymore?”

“I have never cared about him, and never will. I have my personal revenge issues here. Plus, he’s a crybaby.”

After a pause, Sheikh continued, “Can he do it?”

Babbar answered, “I don’t know yet. Let’s ask. Yash, come here!”

Yash came to them. The trio sat down on a sofa. It was all about to get serious, as Babbar took out some files. He gave them to Yash.

“I need you to have a look at these files, and tell me what you think.” , Sid said with a serious tone.

What Yash was seeing wee no ordinary files. They were stolen from Sam’s home; these were linked to AISHA. This is how Babbar got to know more of the devil software.

“These are no ordinary files, Boss. These are files related to building a software, right?”

“Correctly guessed. If you already saw it, your work is almost similar to the work in those files. I was quite shocked when I saw you work for the first time.”

“Stop right there. You want me to build an AI for your company, don’t you? The answer is no!”

Both Sheikh and Babbar gazed at him.

“I have been freakishly trying to build an AI for the last 3 fucking years, and nothing has happened! What makes you think that I can do it now?”, Yash expressed his anguish over his continued failure.

“The fact that you are now under the wing of Siddharth Babbar is enough for you to be able to build an AI. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes, but…uh well…if…”

“No ifs and buts. Get started, now. And have some coffee. You really need it this time.”

Yash went to his cabin to start his work. It would be long days for him now onwards. Meanwhile, Adil gave Sid an envelope.

“What do you think? Will he be enough? You are trying to take a big risk here”, Sheikh seemed to express his concern.

“You haven’t seen the last of me, ACP. I know how to use boys like him. Not even my seniors could get away from my clutches. He will build the software. By the way, why this envelope?”

“This envelope has a letter, and it says it’s for you.”

“From whom?”, Sid was surprised.

“You may not believe, but it’s from Sam”, Sheikh revealed.

“What the!”

In the conference room of MAYA..

All the members of MAYA were sitting around a round table. Professor Saraswat spoke.

“Do we have a confirmed assessment of our targets?”

“Yes Professor. We are ready to go anytime”, Abigail responded for all others.

“What about you, AISHA?” Saraswat questioned her.

“Do I ever need to be ready?”. She mockingly said, “I can complete the task without you lot. By the way, how’s Sam doing? Is he alright?”

“It’s better if we talk about him after this work. Anyway, it’s about time. Time for MAYA’s debut!”

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