Goa – Beyond Bongs and Trances

What comes to your mind when you hear Goa?


May be some bikini clad women sunbathing on the white sand beaches, trance party of Vagator, blowing some puffs in Anjuna or getting drunk and dancing to that loud Bollywood music in Baga.

So that’s a stereotypic image of Goa we all have made in our minds. So asking permission for a Goa trip from your parents is like asking permission to be the next Escobar. Drugs, sex & police!

But Goa has much more to offer than that. Bustling small towns, charming cottages, ancient fort ruins and picturesque serene beaches all make up a complete different picture of Goa. Whether you’re a painter, an adventurer or a food maniac it has something for everyone.

Lazy village life

I ditched famous places like Baga and Calangute and picked up a small town for accommodation.

Siolim is a small town of North Goa. If you’ve watched the movie ‘Finding Fanny’ then you might remember the village ‘Pokolim’.

Yes, Siolim is an upgraded version of Pokolim. With a few limited shops and small cafes at the town’s center the rest of place is all about coconut trees and quaint little cottages. The roasters saying “COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO” makes it really to wake up early here. Best part of the stay was taking a small walk and discovering beaches known only to the locals.

Fusion of cultures


Goa attracts tourists from almost around the globe. And unlike people like me and you, many foreign travelers prefer to stay for a month or two and explore around rather then just visiting five beaches in a day and returning home with a gallery full of photographs. So, you can imagine the beautiful cultural exchange going with the foreigners making a imprint on our culture and taking some back with them. You meet locals speaking Russians and you meet British speaking Hindi.

Of course, Food

Are we all not surviving because of food? Well, I live for food. And, given a chance, I can honestly declare Goa as the Food capital of India. Russian, Mexican, Italian, Indian or Goan – you just name and Goa already has it. Sea foods are of course the best Goa has to offer. And if you want to take your taste buds on an international ride then you don’t need to go broke. There are numerous small eateries serving all those burritos & tacos that you’ve fantasized upon in a really minimal price.

Now, if you’re planning a trip to Goa then make sure you explore the more of it and add a few more things to my list.

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