A Day just for You – Is it possible?

Right from the alarm that you set, to the fake smiles you leave in the day forth, you live for others. Do you agree with me?


The morning alarm, do you really think is it for you? Yes, of course you’re the one who set it and you’re the one who gonna wake up. But what you do after that? You make a whole lot chaos, make yourself get ready, go to your workplace, where you die hard to earn money and spend the major share to others. Just when you step into your office, you leave hundreds of fake smiles, just to keep others happy?

Let us be selfish here, we don’t want to make other’s day a great one by masquerading your self.

We don’t want to make our Instagram accounts an idyllic place for others to enjoy. All we want is just a day only for you and you only. But is it even possible?

A fresh morning wake up, naked mind, smiles lightening the mood infused with sweetness. Brush your teeth, step into the kitchen, eat your self-made food, there you remember the “World Of Starvation”, people having food once in a day, fathers working 12 hours a day to bring that food into home, mothers begging money to feed her child. For them you need, there you live for others.

When you ignite your car, those engine noises reminisce the people walking 10miles a day to fetch water for their essentials. Children going to school bare-footed, fainting under the scorching sun. For them you need, there you live for others.

In this world of varied coloured eyes and skin, feel the unity, sterlise your toxic mind, then all you feel is this life is not only for you, its for others too.

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