Twisted, Torn Feelings, in a Rage.



When you love, don’t love so.. much.

When you care, don’t care so.. much.

When you want to do something, don’t do so.. much.

Because that ‘so much’ might become too, too much!

My dear Reader, are you wondering why I have to say these words?

It’s because I felt those words in myself. It happens with me and it still is continuing till now. I am speechless enough to dare write about this. 

So let us come to the point. And the point is, I just don’t want you all who read this blog, not to fall into this kind of situation, because it hurts. And when it hurts, it hurts alot

And you cannot stop it, unless the force is with you.

I hope, that some of you might have experienced it, so you can understand it more…

Nowadays, people never think for others. What they do is to think for the betterment of themselves. They don’t understand the feelings of the ones they ignore.

They just think that the ones they ignore are not humans, but aliens that come from another planet that know nothing about feeling and pain.

I said this because I felt it in myself.

Many of us teenagers nowadays commit suicide just because they come to this kind of situation to love some one or care for some one SO MUCH; but the one that they love or care about didn’t put any attention on them.

Yet, they try to love or care for them more and more, in the thought  of making them understand their love for them.

But what they get is all useless, and so that ‘so much’ becomes too much for them that they feel the urge to drastically end their lives, only because they aren’t able to control their feelings that hurt them deeply inside, excruciating them from inside.

Yet now, what I want to say to you, my dear reader, is to please understand this-

That whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are a boy or a girl, all of us are humans and we all have the feeling deep inside us. Don’t forget to cling to them when there is the need.

Thank you for reading this blog… I have nothing much (as I had mentioned in he beginning that I am dumb for this kind of stuff ) to say but, only the words that I mentioned above.

Thanks once again and God bless you. Stay blessed with his blessings.

And Happy New Year in advance.


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