A Children’s Day Special: We don’t need to destroy Children!

Do you love Children’s Day?

There was a time when, we were free to do almost anything. This is what we call, being a child.

Unless one is a psychopath, there is no way he or she can not adore children. There is a certain aura of happiness that they bring with them. Everyone smiles even when only one child is around.

It takes us only a child’s smile to smile and cry at the same time.

But now, what I see is utter inhuman.

What I see is the child being destroyed. What disgusts me even more is the fact that often, we train ourselves to destroy our childhood.

Yes, it’s a fact that we have to grow up of our childish nature to survive in the adult and unforgiving world. But, is it really necessary to abandon the child within us to grow up?

Is it really necessary to destroy the child, the version of us which lets us to be true to ourselves and the world?

So, on this Children’s Day, try to remember your childhood days. If it makes you happy, then

Revive the Child in YOU!

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