Chapter 5 : Some Secrets, Still Hidden

Somewhere, in an unknown MAYA base….everyone had their eyes glued to the TV. A press conference was being telecast, and there was a familiar face for them.

“Mr Babbar, is the news true that you were attacked at your home by masked people?”

“Ah yes, thank you for informing me that I was attacked. Well, I can claim that they were goons hired by some lesser companies to shake us up, and also for our new young gun here.”

“Excuse me Mr Babbar, but this young boy is your new hire?”

“Why not? DARWIN is and will always be in search of talent and hard work. We don’t consider age a factor here. Of course, he won’t be a full time employee. He’s just 19 after all. Still, DARWIN will make sure that he gets all the experience he needs to survive today’s competition. With those words, I officially announce the recruitment of Yashvardhan Saraswat as our Junior App Development Manager. You can expect him to develop great things.”

There was this one journalist standing at a far corner, who was waiting to ask his question.

He raised his hand and asked, “What about Kriti Khanna’s murderer, Sameer Luthra? According to some sources, he came to meet you on the night you were attacked. Should I assume that they are true?”

Perplexed as he was after hearing that, he stood up to speak.

“Can you come here, Mr Journalist? I need to clarify something.”

You know how scary it can be when Babbar gets serious. He hesitated and prepared to leave the premises.

“No no, Mr Babbar, it’s okay. My bad.”

“Hell no, you need to come here. I am not in a bad mood or such. I just want to thank you for something.”

With some hesitation still showing off, he went up the stage. He was nervous.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to thank this gentleman for bring such an important questions amidst all of us. Yes, it’s true that he came on that night. Yes it’s true that he met me. But what you don’t know that he came there to surrender, and also that he had called the ACP there too. What’s more surprising for you will be that he’s not the one to murder Kriti Khanna, but those goons were. They also took my dear Sam away (sobbing). Anyway, what matters is I give him a proper hug.”

This surprised all of them. He really gave him a hug. But what he said in his ears was more chilling to the bone.

“Meet me outside the premises. You are coming to my home, and divulging all your connections. Think of running away, and I will keep you half-dead.”

Meanwhile, at the MAYA base…

“Damn this devil, what is he up to? Does he now have nothing to do but to mess with us?

“He’s like that. Personally, I like him for his strong character. I would dare say that him being alive is a bad news for you. You need to learn something from him, Faiz!”

This was coming from none other than AISHA herself.

Faiz scorned,”You shut up, AISHA. YOU DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!”

AISHA replied back with an equal scorn,”You don’t talk to me like that. Your own shit should concern you, ‘Scorpion’.”

“That’s it. I am done with her. I’M GONNA BREAK HER, DAMN IT!”

Professor Saraswat interrupted, “Stop this, NOW.

“But Professor!”

“We are already dealing with enough obstacles in our plan. You don’t need to create any more obstacles. Get back to work. We have to get ready for our next set of plans soon.”

“Our next plans? What are those?”, Abigail was curious.

“Keep your curiosity to yourself only, Abi. You have done too much already in the name of curiosity.”

Amidst all this, a man on a chair, strangled in ropes, woke up. All of a sudden, he remembered something. He realised that he was successfully keeping a secret from MAYA.

“It will be just a matter of few days until AISHA’s secret surfaces. Enjoy your lives till then, MAYA.”

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