A Gift from Heaven 

This happened a few months ago. Remarkable that I still remember it.  

I was on my way home after facing a long day, full of fatigue. Apart from being frustrated, I was also sad about several things happening in my life, and I don’t know why.

About then, I saw a kidd beggar. Maybe he was not above ten. He had lost a leg, he was crawling and was filthy. Crawling on the roads did contribute to his filthiness and dark complexion, I guess. And that was getting me angry, out of the thought that I too could have a life like this.

Just then, a small girl passed by, along with her mother. She took a penny or two and gave it to the kid. It was not much enough for the kid.

But he smiled. Even I smiled. 

I didn’t know why I did so back then. But now, as I think of it, I end up on a particular image.

She gave the first smile.

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