Soluchan: Irony of Today’s Society

We all need to recheck our morality and moral values.

I bet that you have either seen or heard about this ‘Kamlesh The Soluchan Boy’. Maybe you also have shared one of the countless memes about him. Maybe you even know what his story is.

Kamlesh 1

All good, but there is a question I want to ask, to all of you.

Is what we doing really what we should do?

The one behind this movie had only one motive – To make us aware of what is happening at the so called ‘lower levels of the society’. He just wanted us to be a helping hand to such lost souls, to be a guiding light for them.

But, what has happened is unfortunately shameful of us. It is not the making of memes, but laughing at them and ridiculing the plight of these people, which I think, is a proof that a lot of us are getting devoid of sympathy.

Unfortunately, we just don’t know how to fit in the shoes of these people. We just can never fathom how it could be.

Let me try to show you something more from that viral video. Read my words carefully!

Did you hear that he doesn’t want to go back to his mother?

Did you hear that he secretly desires nothing more than having a happy and free childhood?

Did you see that there was no hope in his face?

Did you hear that, he wasn’t fearing even death, just because he wanted to enjoy more drugs?

And you know what? Children like Kamlesh are just a part of the bigger picture. The picture is an oxymoron –The Societal Jail.

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