Chapter 4 : Enter the ‘Prodigy’

Somewhere in India, a 19 year old boy was trying to build his own AI.

“Why doesn’t this get in order? Fuck the codes!!”

This boy had been trying to build an AI for the last 3 years, all by himself. In his effort to do so, he learnt to build several other fail-safe programmes, though he had not sold them to anyone else. He just didn’t want to.

For some reason though, he was getting everything wrong whenever he would come to compile the codes for his AI. Luck wasn’t just favouring him, at all.

Soon, he decided to meet his idol, Siddharth Babbar to show his unfinished work, with a slight hope that he might help him.

This was a few days before Babbar was attacked in his own fortress.

“What, you seriously saying this? He, of all, was attacked?”

“Yup, he was. You don’t watch news?”, was the reply of the security guard of his apartment.

“Why in the hell he would be attacked?”

“How the hell would I know 😑? Anyway, if you want to meet him, go to the biggest hospital in this city.”

“Thank you for the information!” were the last words of this rather short conversation. He now had only to rush straight to this particular hospital.

The hospital wasn’t much far though. He walked all the way, from there to the hospital.

He did not have the need to enter the hospital.

Siddharth Babbar and Adil Sheikh were coming out of the hospital. According to this boy, Babbar looked cooler with his bruises.

Meanwhile, Babbar was speaking to Sheikh.

“So, what will you do now, ACP?”

“Uh well, those sick bastards are being a pain in my ass. I guess, I will first go home and take a good bath. I can’t start a new case with this body. What about you, Mr Babbar?”

“I too am going home straight from here. I need to see if there’s anything of valuable information left for me or not. I also have to come back to the hospital once in a while for Mariyam.”

“Seems like you have a close relation, at least with her!”

Sid exclaimed, “I do. She was always with me, no matter what would happen. It’s time for me to do something for her.”

“Getting romantic, hu..?” and the boy smashed into Babbar.

“Sir, sir, I am a big fan of you and your ideas. I have been constantly working to build a special AI for your company. And since the day you announced about your new technology to change the stats, I have been much excited to show you my work. It’s unfinished though. Would you….”

“Fuck off!” was the answer, to be expected from him.


As expected, the boy was taken aback. He smacked his own head.

“Baka! How could I not remember that he’s just released from the hospital? It must have been boring for him here. I will meet him in his home today evening.”

Putting that as a reminder in his mind, he went to a restaurant to have some food. Being taken aback so swiftly makes one much hungry.

Later in the evening, he went to his home, straight. He couldn’t wait anymore. He was getting desparate.

He rang the doorbell.


“Who in the fucking hell is trying to wake me up now? Who’s such a moron to get himself fucked up?”

He was literally in the mood to kill. He took out a rather long iron rod. He proceeded for the kill. He opened to door.

“You dumbass!”

What happened was, Babbar’s rod was taken away from him in the blink of an eye. He was nearly struck at his head.

“Aye, what happens with you? Huh? Mr Babbar, why so serious? I was just ringing the doorbell.”

Perplexed from the counter, he gained his senses, “You do not ring the doorbell, 45 TIMES!!”

“Sorry sir, I was just too impatient. Anyway, I am that boy who bumped into you at the hospital today. I wanted to show you someth….”

“Come in, come in. I do remember what you said there. I guess you aren’t of this city, are you?”

“How do you know?”

“Come on, I have been the CEO and founder of a company or two. I am an expert. So start vomiting your work here.”

He handed him a pile of papers, enough to fill up a file cover. It was a carefully drafted, well written set of ideas, codes and the vision behind it. The file cover spoke two words – ‘TASKMASTER’ and, ‘PRODIGY’.

But soon, Sid was taken aback by the content in the papers. He wasn’t expecting such a help this soon.

“Holy hell, how in the world did you learn to do this much? I am impressed!”

“My father taught me the preliminaries. Rest is my own discovery, and 3 years of hardwork.”

“Alright then. I am ready to invest in your hardwork. From now onwards, you are an important part of my team, and DARWIN. Are you ready?”

“Wait, so soon? I have to tell my mother!”

“Don’t worry about it. I will inform her myself. Anyway, what are those two names for?”

“Oh, those? ‘TASKMASTER’ is the name of my project. ‘PRODIGY’ is my code name.”

“Your real name is?”

“Yashwardhan Saraswat.”

At this point, Babbar knew, something was terribly wrong with this ‘PRODIGY’.

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