Chapter 3 : That Sinister Voice…

In the previous chapter…

There are 2 unlikely survivors, with one being in a coma and the other being traumatized by knowing that.

Sam remembers his first encounter with Professor Saraswat. As he remembers, a sinister voice has crept out from the shadows. Something is very, very wrong. At least, for Sam.

“Well well, we have a guest here!”

This voice crept onto Sam like a serpent, surrounding him with its cold body, rendering him unable to move. He could do nothing but listen to what it wanted to say.

“Feeling comfortable, Sam baby? Wait, you are our prisoner, right?”

Sam could see nobody, but he was hearing the voice from every direction. He felt that someone was there behind him, and in front of him, at the same time. Amidst all of this, he was still struggling to get free.

The voice just got colder.

“Now now, just give up on whatever foolish thing you are trying to do. You just can’t expect to slip out from here, because you don’t know where you are.”

Sam was getting restless from the voice. He decided to counterspeak.

“Are you that afraid to show your face? Is a prisoner like me so dangerous for you?”

The voice now brought a silver lining of mockery, “No, my face is fatal for you. You will die if you see my face. Though I want you to be dead, yet we can’t afford to lose you. YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING GRATEFUL TO YOUR VIRTUAL GIRLFRIEND!”

Sam got pissed off. “Grateful, my foot! I should have never made her. It was my biggest mistake of my life. No wait, getting in touch with you bastards was the biggest mistake!”

“Quiet, Sam! Speak another word against our boss, and I can do much more worse to you.”

Professor Saraswat had entered the scenario.


“It’s a good thing we have kept you grounded. Gosh, I now have to be your strict parent!”

“You are not my parent. YOU ARE A FUCKING, DAMN TERRORIST!”

The voice got cold and spoke again.

“Sshh! No more blabbering. Saraswat, go back to work. I want no more hurdles from now on. Tell that damn software that she better work according to our wishes, and DON’T LET SAM BABY GO ANYWHERE.”

And bring some popcorns for him. Let him relax, wait and watch, as we reveal who we really are!”

On the other side, a team would be formed soon.

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