Chapter 1: Survival Shock!

Artificial Intelligence Simulator Humanoid Assistant, or A.I.SHA, has been brought back to where ‘she’ was planned to be – back in the hands of the secret cyber organisation, MAYA. Her creator, Sameer Luthra, was still in shock from the fact that his only friend, Sidhu, was none other than the ‘old friend’ of Professor Saraswat- Cyrus, and afterwards was unconscious. Meanwhile, on the other side…

“Arrgh! Ugh! Where is my phone?”

Half of his uniform was soaked in red due to his blood. He couldn’t clearly see everything at this point.

ACP Adil Sheikh was barely, surviving.

By some miracle, his phone was still intact; he could feel the vibrations of his phone. Someone was calling him. Somehow, he took out his phone. It was Daya, his subordinate.

“Hello, hello sir! Thank god, you picked up the phone. You need to come to the police station immediately.”

“No time for that. You come to Babbar’s house ASAP, with an ambulance. I am…”

There was the sound of a thud on Daya’s phone. Sheikh was unconscious again.

At this point, back at the MAYA hideout….

Professor Saraswat was not in his usual mood of calmness. He was continuously spinning a paper weight on his table.


Abigail and Faiz were there, in front of him.

“Come, come in. Have anything to ask?”

“Not much. We just saw you not in your usual mood. Is there something we too, should be concerned about?”

Hearing this, Saraswat stopped the spinning paper weight.

“Well, two things. One, that we have encountered the ACP, and he sure seems to know about us.”

“And the second?”

“There is a traitor among us now.”

Abigail and Faiz were shocked on hearing this. They exclaimed, “But we captured Sam!”

Saraswat replied, “There is now one more, apart from Sam. I don’t know who he or she is.”

Everyone’s faces showed concern.

“Be on guard. The traitor will help Sam soon. Also, keep an eye on Sam. And DON’T kill him. We need him alive, for AISHA.”

This time, Faiz showed a face of disgust.

At a far corner of this hideout, AISHA was smiling, at an unconscious Sam.

“Sam, you didn’t need to do this much for me. You still care about me, and I know that. You still love me, don’t you? After all, I am still your girlfriend!”

Hours later, ACP found himself in the hospital.

He was wearing the customary patient uniform, surrounded by the humbleness and ambience of the hospital room. He let out a breath of relief as he came to realise that he was almost fine.

A little while after his recuperation, Daya came to visit him, with some files in his hand.

“Not here also. Can you just leave?”

“But sir, these files are related to Kriti Khanna murder case!”

Hearing this, Adil remembered a lot about his encounter with A.I.SHA. He unconsciously replied, “The case has already been solved. I know who the murderer is.”

To this, Daya inquired, “How, sir?”

“I met the murderer myself. She’s an AI… no, more like a woman. Her name is AISHA.”

“AISHA? No wonder, women’s fights are always lethal. Why didn’t you call a female constable to arrest her?”

Angry as usual, Adil replied, “You fool! What do you want? Sending a female constable to attack an AI? Fool!”

Daya sobbingly replied, “Whatever I may be, but I think you should read these files at least once. Fool I may be, but in this case, even I am sure that you will be surprised to see the developments!”

“Uh, whatever. Let me see these already” replied Adil with a sigh. He wasn’t too happy about this reading. Who wants to read murder files while recuperating?

And yet, when he read those files, he was surprised, and scared. He read something that, he couldn’t reveal to anyone but Sam. At that point he knew one thing, for sure.

The case hadn’t been fully solved, yet.

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