Being Positive and Happy, is bad! 


12th post.

Well, I know, you won’t believe me. But trust me, pain and negativity are important!

And I will tell you why so.

Can you write on a black paper, but with black ink? No, right? Can you write on a white paper with white ink? You can’t. You will not.

Do you know why we write on white paper normally? I guess you do. CONTRAST, maximum contrast, isn’t it?

It’s when there is maximum contrast when we can clearly see each different colour as different, right?

If you are still not satisfied, know that, the moon can be clearly seen only in the night. Reason? Contrast.

Likewise, life needs contrast.

Without the day, you cannot experience night. Without experiencing disease, you cannot experience the state of being healthy.

And so goes this statement, “You cannot be at peace without being in pain. You cannot be happy without being sad.”

With reference to Naruto: Shippuden, I need not remind you that Naruto had to go through a lot of pain to become acknowledged. Even he couldn’t face Nagato before he had experienced his pain.

Do you know the most important thing about pain and sadness? They teach us to be simple in life. They teach us how to face the toughest test: our life. They teach us to be hopeful.

Agree? Otherwise, try drinking a sip of water after facing dehydration. You will find no words to describe that feeling!

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