The Lipstick Blog: Social Taboos fucked, finally!

Eshan Abbas.

11th post. 1st Movie review.

Honestly, I don’t do movie reviews. I am not an expert at that, and there are already a gazillion reviews available on any movie that we ever see!

So, what will I uproot, by another mess of a review? Nothing right?

That’s why, it’s not just a movie review. It’s a movie trailer review and much more!

It was a few days ago when I saw this hashtag – #LipstickUnderMyBurkha – trending on Twitter.

Lipstick? Burkha? For a moment, I thought that it was a movement happening all over India, with me not knowing anything about it.

See, the thing is, I have been rarely getting to watch TV since my brothers came from heaven. And being on the Internet, every time? It’s just not possible for me.

Continue reading. 👇

My gut told me that, this is something I should definitely check out. And my gut often chooses great things.

True to my gut, what I saw was satisfying me a lot. Court cases, ban, non-approval, this and that, and so on.

Don’t take it otherwise. I mean to say that surroundings do define the quality of our work.🙏

And that level of clashing? Sure, it was interesting! 😀

I decided that I won’t make any judgement on this movie unless the movie is either released or I get it from someone else. And so, I waited, till the trailer came to me.

My reaction?

Jawdrop😲. Still eyes👀. Handclaps👏. Finally, Salute.

This movie is not just a revolution. It’s the landmark of Indian Cinema’s evolution!👏

The first question that immediately came to my mind was, “Why the hell has this movie been in such a trouble, when it is nothing but a movie with several social mirrors? How can such a real movie go to the courts?😑”

Surely, Censor Board, you kinda piss everyone off. Maybe you don’t know yet what the public wants.

Time to change the Censor Staff.😐

Such uncanny music, such powerful acting, such a royal direction, etc. Still, ‘chee-chee’. What a waste of such a hardwork!

But, कहते है ना, जब दंगल होगा, तभी तो कुछ मंगल होगा!

This masterpiece is coming to our theatres, edited, on 21st July. Internet पे एकदम original माल मिलेगा; उम्मीद तो है!🤔

Before I get a bit angry while writing, I should mention the four deadly women this time: Ratna Pathak Shah, Konkona Sen Sharma, Aahana Kumra, and Plabita Borthakur.

The femme fatale – Plabita Borthakur, Aahana Kumra, Konkona Sen Sharma, and Ratna Pathak Shah. We say, beauty with brains, right? Time to see them with the ‘beauty and bold’ combo

Salute to you four for choosing this movie! Thank you so much! I don’t have words to describe your work. I need to create new words for that.

वो कहते है ना, कि अगर थोड़ा सा करंट ही हमें कूदने पे मजबूर कर सकता है, तो बाकी का करंट क्या क्या करेगा, ये तो भगवान भी ना जाने!😜

Time to get serious. This movie raises 4 questions in my mind.

1. Why, when India cinema is becoming so real and nerve-gripping, is the Censor Board paralysing it?

2.Why, when we are getting to see what happens in the society, are we being curfewed?

3. Why is a women-centred film not so appreciated, despite of such powerful performances?

Why so ‘Bhaijaan’? कभी ‘बहनजान’ भी किया करो!🙋

4. Why, when we all know that sexual intercourse is the overlord of the reasons of India being second in population, are not allowed to see it in cinemas?

The fact is, even if you don’t allow us to watch sex scenes, there are other ways around.

Scared? Don’t worry. There are books. And then there are other ‘sources‘.

Now, you can get scared.😂

With that, I rest my case. I hope the cast of this movie reads my blog. I don’t have a lipstick right now, so…

The Lipstick Blog! 💄

Anyway, here’s the youtube link to the trailer of this movie.

P.S. – I haven’t watched the movie yet, by any other means. I will definitely enjoy when it comes to my laptop!👍

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