An honest letter to Dhinchak Pooja! 

Eshan Abbas.

10th post. 3rd Open Letter.

Pooja Jain or I should say, ‘Dhinchak Pooja’, I send my greetings to you. I hope you read this letter soon.

I recently heard your literally over-viral songs, which made you a social media star in such a short span of time. I don’t know what others think, but I like your songs.

And more than your songs, I like your confidence and your style. I bet, no other has more confidence than you when it comes to presenting oneself on the social media. It takes a lot of courage to start a completely new trend.

But, I am not much of a fan of Cringe Pop, and please don’t ask me why. I just don’t.

Well, I have been in a relation with music and musical instruments for the last 12 years; after all, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Music. Also, I have had chances to hear different kinds of music and work on some.

Now, coming to the genre itself, I believe that even Cringe Pop has some kind of tempo, melody and continuity, right? Your videos so far, fail miserably and have created a wrong image of this genre in our minds.

Normally, the words chosen in any song should carve an impression in our minds. But the wordplay in your songs doesn’t even put an impression. It carves a SHOCKWAVE CRATER! While I laughed at your wordplay, many others were in a mental trauma while hearing your songs. India lacks minds with strong shields, dattebayo! Yet, I should say, your statements are more acceptable in the society. So, wordplay is not much of a problem for you.

And, why the hell are you using a damn bad app which even can’t provide a proper gap between 16-beat loops? Do you even know how bad that sounds? Okay, try using Music Maker Jam. It’s a much better app than the one you are using. Try it.

And does Cringe Pop really not require any instrument, not a single one? Have at least 5 music instrumentalists. They will help you sing with the tempo and possibly, with a better melody. If you don’t do that, more people will lodge a complaint against you; not for the helmet, but for making noise pollution!

Improve your video content. A good man once said that one picture is worth a thousand words. You are really ruining your songs with your current video content.

And, most importantly, what you are singing is not even a song. It can’t be called a song. Your latest ‘Scooter’ video has only two lines. At least, make it to 20 lines, will you?

And finally, the day when you feel even a little bit that you are not into singing, leave it, IMMEDIATELY. Several may be sad, but many will bless you. Don’t believe? Have a survey done by your friends in the country.

And, that’s it. I cannot write anymore in this letter. I don’t have anything more to write to you.

Hope you reply soon,

With respect, and a little warning

Zeta E.

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