A letter to Michael Jackson, My First and Eternally Favourite Pop Star.

Eshan Abbas.

8th post. 2nd Open Letter.

Greetings, my Blog-headline Hero.

I hope that you will be reading my letter while you roam as a spirit among the current stars of pop music today. After all, it is 29 August, your birthday!

Happy birthday from my side too; I know, it’s a bit too boorish. But what can I do? I just have not had the time to write the letter. Also, you keep changing your address too quickly now, that’s why it took me this much time to decide that I will send you a blog letter.

The first time I heard your songs, I was only 3 years old.

It was our local TV channel broadcasting one of your famous songs, ‘Black or White’. Videos were not so much into High Definition in those times, and yet, the music; I was completely hypnotised by your words and music. And there it was; I heard my first English song, and you became my first and favourite English singer. I did not just understand what a Pop Star meant; after all your song was my first one.

I asked my mother your name and where you lived. She answered like a mother should, “Son, he is Michael Jackson. His songs are awesome and he is awesome. Though, he lives far away in another continent. We can’t afford to meet him yet. If you work hard and gain popularity, then maybe you can meet him.”

And those words gave a real boost.

In the same day, came your next song, “They don’t really care about us”.

Trust me, the moment the first tone fell on my ears, I automatically started dancing. I cried after the song ended and another song came. In those days, I would murmur the song in any way possible, in every way possible.

Days ticked by, months passed and years slithered on; yet, those two songs of yours kept playing itself in a loop over and over again. I had forgotten the lyrics, but not the music. I would pretend to be you, singing in front of a million-numbered crowd. Trust me; most of your followers do that even now whenever they hear your songs.

And in such a way, 8 years had passed by, and came 2009.

I heard your name after so many years, just to know that you had left your home. You had left us; one dream shattered to pieces.

In a desperate effort for my shattered dream, I started gaining knowledge about you as much as possible. It was then I clearly realised how human you were, and yet such an angel. It was then I started listening and collecting your songs, and deleting them from my memory, again and again.

Since 2001, I have been your follower. Since 2009, you have been my sweetest musical memory.

And it may be a coincidence, but after a same gap of eight years since your departure. I am writing this letter to you. I hope that, when you read this, you incarnate once more. Maybe then we can meet. After all, I also have a musical sense.

Maybe we could come up with a chartbuster duet song. Just kidding.

Anyway, enjoy your freedom as a soul. I, as your follower, will always try to preserve and entrust your memories and story to the coming generations.

With love and respect, from one of your fans.

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