The Big Leap!

Eshan Abbas

5th post.

It was too late, but he realised,

that he wasn’t yet ready

for his big leap.

He saw how only a few survived

and how many dreamers died.

Gathering whatever he could, he

started out on a path.

A path, full of thorns.

As he walked on, he saw

how others were trapped in the infinity

searching for a way out.

Yet, he saw some, trying to cross truth

and live in an eternal lie.

He saw how alone he was, with no one by his side.

Realising, he got ready, to face the Gods.

But, what he never saw, was

A lot of people were behind, giving the push

and the support, stopping the thorny fate.

Never realising that the Gods weren’t his opponents,

He waited for the time to take

The Small Step, for The Big Leap.

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