A Letter, to my Juniors

Eshan Abbas

4th post. 1st Open Letter.

I am assuming that when you open this letter, you are not in a foul mood. If you are, drink a glass of water, punch your pillow, take some deep breaths and then sit at a comfortable and a peaceful place, before reading this letter.

I hope that you are happy with whatever your results are. If not, write a complaint letter to your school, blaming them for your results. (Don’t send it though. It is just to help you to take out your anger, got it?)

Also, I am sure of the fact that you have lately got to see many relatively unknown people at your home and on your phone. It’s so strange to meet so many people in such a short span of time, isn’t it? Whatever, I am confident that you have worked harder than (you assume) you can. After all, the results are the end product of your preparation and headwork, right?

You should realise the fact that these people will keep coming for a few days, because they probably want to see whether or not you qualify to be the child of your parents. Just so you know, this is only the beginning of these tests, so be prepared for some shit.

After you are done with all of that and have had some chilling out, you should ponder on what you are about to read. This is not just some advice, but mere brute and blunt observation and experience which I have acquired. Read on!

Consider yourself lucky if you have passed class 10 this year, for you have an ample time to find out what you want to be. I am saying this because you – yes, YOU, know the fact that in a month, you will be asked to choose a particular stream. And I am sure that they will be pressing you hard to choose the stream as per their liking. It’s a known and proven fact that our elders know much more than us, in terms of experience, that is.

But if you are going to trust my words, you should never choose a particular ‘stream’.

To be honest, there’s no thing called a stream, but there’s combination of subjects. You have the freedom to choose any combination of subjects that are available in our country, provided that you properly study it with caution. Don’t go off choosing a subject just because your friends are taking it up or just because it is in high demand at the higher level. Trust me once more, for you will never want to be fucked up.

This is pretty difficult, and I know that.

Yes, I know that for to do the above, you might have to leave your home also. And you must be scared to do that. Leaving your friends or your love partners is something you will not want to do in the first place. Also, it is in your home place where you also find a place to play, and can also roam about anywhere when you are free. I don’t know about you, but I do that often when I am in my hometown.

But, you know, your life has a new chapter when you get to a new place, no matter what the cause may be. And you will really want to do well in that new environment. If I ponder upon my experience of the last 11 months, I can tell that you may find a lot of new things in your new home. After all, even the birds leave the nest when they are old enough, for they know that life begins when you are ready to leave the nest.

Your question at this point may be – HOW DO WE CHOOSE OUR SUBJECTS?

Well, the answer is simple. Prioritise your strengths and you weaknesses. Choose subjects that help each other and are according to your strengths and your future dreams. And make sure, that when you finally zero in on a particular subject, you also find out where it will take you to. Make sure to tell your parents about that. You really need to do that.

After you choose your subjects, buy some high-level books of those subjects which are not connected to your syllabus so seriously. It is necessary to do that so as to broaden the borders of your knowledge. This is one of the most important things you must do when you have the time, because then only you will start knowing the true scope of a subject, and your true potential. You must explore as much as you can, while at the same time, be focused on you are also being taught.

Once again, I will say, that –


The bond will get stronger only if you are comfortable with yourself first.

Also, while you are over with class 10, find out everything about all those colleges where you want to study after your precious 2 more years. It’s always wise to find out all the hurdles beforehand. Right?

My senior ‘juniors’, I hope that you are doing well, first of all.

I already know that you are already messed up these days. Lots of phone calls, lots of relatives, and lots of questions is what you are facing. Be brave in facing that, for a while. And in between, shout the hell out on a pillow (You know, anger management.). Do have some fun in between all the messed up moments. It is necessary to recharge yourself before you get into even a bigger mess.

You know that I am right, right?

If I am correct, you must be on the verge of applying for colleges or entering into one. If not, then I think you must be ready to face the coaching classes. Well, whatever it may be, plan your ways. As a good friend of mine once said to me, one should always have a game plan before entering the arena.

You get what I am saying? GAME PLAN.

One thing that I learned from my 6-month adventure was to never depend on the coaching classes. What I mean to say is that all of the hard work comes down only to you. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO SHOULD DECIDE WHICH WAY TO GO AND WHAT TO DO. If you are preparing for a college that specialises in a particular subject or a field, make sure that you prepare for it, and that too, everyday. If you are lucky enough to not be in class 12 when you read this blog, start your preparation from this moment itself, and don’t give up!

Now, for a reality check, if you are believing in the statement, that a single sheet of paper can’t decide your future, you are terribly, traumatically, stupidly (and bla bla bla)… WRONG! Often, it is a single sheet of paper that decides your academic future. Remember, that till the day when you are surrounded by official documents, even a single sheet is enough to kill you. There are many examples in this world and the human history who have witnessed this. So, when you are appearing for your exams, first ensure that all your documents are right, and then treat the exams as if they are a war to you.

Yes, you really need to treat every exam as a war, because it is a war among millions of candidates.

One thing that I would recommend to all of my juniors is that, avoid the coaching classes or tuitions as far as possible. It is much to study by yourself, for the best person who can teach you, is the one who’s currently reading my blog. Yes, I am pointing my finger at you. And if you ask me why, I will slap you, and then tell,

“You freaking moron, you are the only one who knows what your strengths and weaknesses are. How can any other person except you understand you the most?”

The last and the most important two things I want to tell you are: Express Yourselves, and Make Your Own Decisions. People who have been successful in accomplishing these two things are also among the people who are successful in their lives.

So, start expressing and decision-making.

With this, I stop here. I leave the rest of the experience to you. You also need to have your own experience to pass it on to someone, someday. Adios!

With love and blessings, your Unsuccessful Senior.

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